Top 5 Reasons why your child failed the CA1 Additional Mathematics

As parents, we cannot help but feel anxious and helpless when we see our children fail in their examination. The recent CA 1 results might have upset you, caused anxiety and even panic, especially when the child scored a single digit for the Math test.  And you don’t get it. Why and how did my child failed so badly?

Here are few reason why they failed:

  1. Concepts are too abstract
  2. Cannot remember formulas
  3. Cannot break down complex problems
  4. Cannot cross link concepts
  5. Cannot associate keywords to concepts

Some parents blame it on the lack of practice so they pile up stacks of assessment books for the child. But it is hard to practice anything if you don’t even understand the topic at all. In the end, we see parents arguing with the child on ways to improve this challenging subject. Some parents will even try and study the subject then tutor the child themselves, desperately trying to help the child cope. But unfortunately most of the time, the child will end up more confused by the parent’s teaching method. The end result? Poorer grades, exhausted parents, discouraged student and a weakened relationship between parent and child.

So if your child is weak in Additional Math or Elementary Math, then seek help early. If you can afford a private tutor, go ahead and engage one now. If the child needs help in more subjects, then you can seek out group tuition to fit your budget. But do something now. The more the child piles up the work, the more he/she will fall behind and the worst the grade will become.

If you don’t have any reliable tutor in mind, we can help. Call us at 6342 2212 or leave your contact HERE and we will assist you in whatever we can. Or visit for more details.