How to improve your child’s Mathematics skills this school holiday

For many students in Singapore, the year end school holiday is something they all look forward to. Some students will still have to go back to school for their CCA, while some will stay at home just doing nothing. Most parents are concerned about their children having nothing to do at home while they are at work. Should they be given assessment work to do? Or it is alright to let them wake up late and watch tv the whole day?

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It depends. For students who have done well for the year, we say let them enjoy and relax during the holidays. They deserve a break. But for those who did not do well, it is a good opportunity for them to catch up and revised their work for the year. For some, you may also want to prepare your child for a good start in the new academic year.  

For the students who fared poorly for the finals, perhaps they can use some time during the holidays to brush up on his or her Maths skills. Your child may need to re-learn what he or she has studied in the entire year because your child may have gone through the year without understanding what was going on. The revision will definitely be useful and will make it easier for your child to progress to the next school term. For Secondary Two students, they may be offered Additional Mathematics and Elementary Mathematics at Secondary 3. This transition may be a little challenging if the child is weak in Maths and fairly poorly for the Secondary Two exams. When you strengthen his skills in Math, it will be less stressful when term starts and he or she has to cope with more subjects.

When you prepare your child for the next year’s Math syllabus in advance, it will give the student a head start in the subject. When the school teacher starts teaching, your child will already know what to expect and will excel. The confidence will build and it will be a lot easier for him or her to tackle more Math questions later.

There may be topics from the previous year that the student may need help with. Sometimes a child may skip certain topics because there are so many subjects to handle in school and thus lack the time to revise during term time. This holiday would be a good time for your child to revise those topics that may have prevented him or her from scoring better during the exams.

You may also want to seek help from a tutor to help your child during the holidays. Your child can get help with some Math tuition while you are at work. In Singapore, most parents have to work even during the school holidays. It may be difficult and tiring for the parent to coach the child after a day’s work at the office. But most important of all, the parent may not be familiar with the subject, and the child may lose confidence and interest in the subject if the parent insist on coaching the child himself or herself.

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