How to do well for your exams


Best tutorial centre in SingaporeFor the last 20 years in the education business, we have seen all kinds of students who have studied at the Victoria Tutorial Centre. Top students, average students, weak students, hardworking students, diligent ones, bright ones, motivated students and of course the lazy aimless students. But we do our best to help all of them, regardless of their examination scores and academic history. We ensure they get what they paid for. Our best tuition classes aim to improve  not only the grades of every Singapore student who walked into our office, but also the qualities and traits of a good student.

Students who do well academically every year generally have certain habits and values. They do not take short cuts. It is through consistent hard work that most of these top students achieve their academic success. We always aim to educate our students by not only conducting tutorial classes, but also by instilling certain values in the students that will be useful throughout their lives. So what kind of habits and values top students have that help them do well in their examinations every year?


Not our rules, their personal rules, especially after school. Students who get consistent good grades are very tenacious and disciplined in their school work. They know what is to be done first and they set their priorities right. They have a fixed time table after school and they know what they have to do everyday. They fixed in their heads the rules they abide by at home. If they have to finish homework before they play, they would do just that and stick to the rule. No exceptions, no excuses.


Students who do well consistently do not need to be told what to do. They do not need reminders all the time to do their homework and they do not need to be pushed to do better. They are determined to achieve excellence and when they are stuck, they look for help from their teachers, our tutors or their friends. Some students have motivation build into them from young, some are cultivated along the way. But we do believe that any student can be motivated to do well, it is how we can get the student motivated.


Good grades come from hours of hard work. Very few are born geniuses. Some students don’t appear to be hardworking in school, but that is just their public appearance. What they do in private, we do not know. But we can be certain they have hours of practice and study at home. We often see students who would work throughout the weekend at our tuition centre. They will do additional papers and assignment to perfect their score and to master the topics.

These are some of the things we teach in the centre that are not part of normal school curriculum. We believe that as tutors, we can not only impart good knowledge to our students, but we can also teach them character building and habits that they can develop throughout their lives.