Best English tuition in Singapore

Best English tuition Singapore

10 questions a parent or student should always ask before hiring a English tutor:

  1. How to choose a good English tutor?
  2. Where can you find a good tutor in Singapore?
  3. Is the tutor a responsible teacher?
  4. Does she mark your assignment?
  5. Is the tutor’s fees affordable?
  6. How does she conduct her lessons?
  7. Does the tutor sit there all the time to watch the students do their work until it’s time to go home?
  8. Is the English tutor a qualified teacher from Ministry of Education Singapore?
  9. How often does she give the student homework to practise?
  10. Can the tutor improve my grade?


These are the questions we get from many parents who signed up at our centre. For the last 17 years, we have coached thousands of students from schools all over Singapore. We have been able do a good job mainly because of our highly qualified English tutors in the Victoria Tutorial Centre. They are well trained and highly proficient in the subject. We have constantly improved the students results through consistent hard work and practise.

One of the main reasons why our English tuition helps is because the tutors and the students work very hard together. English is not just another ‘study’ subject. It requires hours of reading, listening and writing. Most schools do not give enough practice for the typical Secondary school student sitting for his English exams. Our survey with the students show that on average, English teachers in their own school give one essay practice a month! Why only one? Well, the answer is very simple. The marking is extremely tedious. Imagine a class of 40 students. Multiple that by 3 classes (the average teacher in school teaches). Thats 120 essays to mark. If it takes an average of 30 minutes to mark one essay, it will take the teacher 60 hours just to mark all the student’s essays. Which means that if the teacher spends 3 hours a day just to mark assignments, it would take the teacher 20 days just to mark their assignments. The problem is, there are other components of the English papers to be taught, like comprehension skills. That would take another 60 hours just to mark another comprehension assignment. Now you understand why English teachers cannot afford to give so many practices and homework in schools?

At the Victoria Tutorial Centre, we want our students to score well and do better. Our passion is in giving the students the confidence and the skills to read and write better. We aim to do better than the schools and make up for the lack in practice. We not only teach the subject in class, we give more essays and more comprehension passages to practise.  It is only through practise and hard work that will improve the students’ grades. We give our students four times the practice a typical student gets in school. Four times! But our students’ results show that it is only with this homework and practice that the marks and grades will improve. There is absolutely no shortcut or expressway to an ‘A’ without putting in the hours of learning and hard work.

That is why we have the best English tutors in Singapore. For years, we have stuck to this belief that it is only through practice that one can achieve better grades. You cannot go from a ‘F’ to an ‘A’ without doing anything. We are proud to say we provide the best English tuition in Singapore. Come visit us and see for yourself the marvellous work we are doing. Visit us at Victoria Tutorial Centre #04-01. Parkway Centre, Singapore 449408. Tel 6342 2212