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English is one of the most important subject in Singapore schools. Every subject in school except for Mother Tongue is taught in English. All students would have difficulty qualifying for higher institutes of learning if the student fails the O-level English examination paper. Recently the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) ranked Singapore students as world’s best in Science and Mathematics. But we seldom hear of Singapore students doing very well in English in any world’s ranking. Which means that the average Singapore students may not be as good in English compared to Science and Math. It can also mean that the typical Singapore student do not place emphasis on the English Language compared to the other subjects.

Best English tuition

Almost every subject in school is in English. Teachers teach in English and the students learn in English. The students need to hand in assignment in English, and test and semester exams are all done in English. But yet, despite all the exposure, there are students who are still not able to excel in the subject. We have seen many students struggle in all the subjects because of their weakness in English. That is why many students seek for tuition in English, to buff up their skills and proficiency in English. Being proficient in the English Language will not only help you in your academic life but it also helps you in your future professional and personal life. English helps you to communicate well, listen, understand and comprehend effectively. Why is English such an important subject in school? The reason is really simple:
  1. We are in a country when English is the main language for communication and we need to have clear communication for business, school, home and practically everywhere.
  2. English is the dominant business language and it has become almost a necessity for people to speak English. Its importance in the world business environment is huge. That is how a Japanese can trade with a Russian, through the use of English.
  3. Most books are in English, most movies are in English and most music and made in English. We can safely say that a majority of entertainment and recreation mediums are made in English. Thats is why having a good command in English would enable you to have more access to the entertainment world.
  4. Your English exam grades determine whether you can qualify for a place in the Junior College or Polytechnic. Thus the L1R4 or L1R5 scores used for qualifying are based on your first language results (English Language paper for most students) plus four or five of the other subjects’ grades. English, being the compulsory subject used to calculate your score, can drag your score down to the bottom if not done well.

Best English tuition

There are a few reason why some Singapore students are weak in English:

  1. Students do not speak proper English often enough at home and in school. Most are comfortable with Singlish (Singapore English) or a mixed of English with Chinese and Malay.
  2. Students do not read enough. A huge percentage of students prefer doing things online than to read a book. There is a lack of interest in reading and therefore English becomes a study subject, very much like any other academic subjects like history and Geography.
  3. Students do not write often. It is made even worst now with all the smart phones where texts are spelt in short forms and you don’t have to be very precise in your grammar to get your point across. In school students also do not get enough practice in writing essays and practising comprehension skills.

What are the English exams a student have to take?

  1. Paper 1 (Writing)
  2. Paper 2 (Comprehension)
  3. Paper 3 (Listening)
  4. Paper 4 (Oral communication)
What are the objectives of the examinations? How will students know if they can get a good grade for their exams? Simple, if you are able to do the following effectively and well, then there is a good chance you will score an A for the English Language exams. The Singapore Examinations and Assessment Boards have stated the following assessment objectives:
  1. speak and write in internationally acceptable English
  2. respond, in speech or writing, to a variety of written, spoken and visual texts
  3. speak, read aloud and write to suit purpose, audience and context
  4. speak and write using appropriate register and tone
  5. speak and write clearly, effectively, relevantly and coherently
  6. plan, organise and show development of ideas
  7. use varied sentence structures and a wide and appropriate vocabulary with clarity and precision
  8. use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling
  9. show understanding of a variety of written, spoken and visual texts at the literal, inferential and evaluative levels
  10. show understanding of how use of language achieves purpose and impact
  11. identify main ideas and details in written, spoken and visual texts
  12. synthesise, summarise and organise information
  13. read aloud a given text with accurate pronunciation and clear articulation
  14. read aloud a given text fluently with appropriate variations in voice qualities, i.e. pace, volume, tone and stress.

How do we help the students in English tuition to achieve these goals?

Our special year long programme in Victoria Tutorial Centre is designed to help the students in the following:

  1. Improve overall reading skills
  2. Improve overall writing skills
  3. Improve understanding and apply skills in English language.

Our tutors have been been teaching in the centre for more than 17 years. With the experience they have plus their own teaching experience in the secondary schools, they are able to help students strengthen their fundamentals and then further improve their skills and competence in the English Language examinations. You can contact us for more information on getting the best value for English tuition in Singapore.